When it comes to shopping, it can be quite addictive and even more addicting is shopping for babies. The clothes are so tiny and cute and the accessories like Baby Girl Headbands makes you want to get one in every color. That being said, it is important to know how to show restraint when shopping for children. It can be quite complicated as this is showing restraint takes practice and a lot.

Showing Restraint


As humans, we face two fundamental challenges when it comes to managing our behavior. They are; the challenge of initiative and the challenge of restraint. The challenge of the initiative has to do with starting something that you know will be good for you such as exercising, working an extra hour, pushing yourself to do more. The challenge of restraint has to do with holding yourself back from doing things you know you shouldn’t such is not eating the cookie, not staying up late scrolling through your phone and of course not going on shopping without restraint or a set plan. Mastering the act of taking initiative means being able to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try new things. For example, if you are used to shopping at a particular store for your kids because of convenience but you know just driving a little further will give you better prices and a better shopping experience, making the change it do this is taking initiative


If we’re good at the challenge of initiative it means we’re good at applying ourselves, at focusing, at breaking through resistance using sheer willpower. In other words, we’re good at avoiding distraction.

When it comes to restraint, focusing on showing restraint might just make it harder to do. The willpower to not buy those beautiful baby girl headbands in every color or buy that outfit you know they’ll use just once. It can be quite daunting learning restraint in this category but you’ll be better off for it. Learning restraint in shopping save you money to buy other things and it makes each buy and thus each item you know have more intentionality in them and have more meaning. Next time you want to buy an item out of compulsion, try this trick: take a picture of the time but don’t buy it. Then spend the next couple of days of the next week thinking about the item and why you really need it for yourself or for your child. If after a while you still want it just as badly, then you can get it. But with most items, after a while, that initial rush excitement fades and you realize you really don’t need the item and you can live without it. This is a good step you can take, towards learning the art of showing restraint.


How Shopping For Baby Clothes Has Evolved

Nowadays, a lot of parent like their kids to have similar aesthetics to them and reflect their style of dressing. In older times, parents just threw a dress on their kid and that was it. Nowadays a lot of thought is put into the process of shopping, styling, and building the wardrobe of the kids. Now you have lots of clothing brand companies made specially just for kids and these brands are growing rapidly. A lot of kids brands start is e-commerce companies with sales focused solely online and then they evolve into brick and mortar stores as well. However, in the digital age when everyone’s on their phones and everyone prefers to shop online, most companies stick to their e-commerce and social media sales business model.

Social Media Marketing

Speaking of social media, Facebook and Instagram have evolved beyond being just social platforms to platforms where brands can sell directly to their customers and even acquire new customers in the process. Some companies focus on doing just social media marketing only. Many brands have built awareness for their business and acquired all their customers solely through social media. It does help that kids clothes mean pictures of cute children in cute clothes and accessories which garners a lot of attention on social platforms like this. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are great for sharing pictures to bring awareness to and garner the interest of potential customers. Many companies claim that when they post a product on social media, they immediately receive an increased demand for the product.

Part of selling on social media means evoking certain emotions in customers and appealing to the need for a certain feeling. Many brands do this by marketing a certain lifestyle to their customers. The urban lifestyle, the midwest laurel aesthetic, the minimalist vibes,, whatever it is, they market it and get the attention of customers seeking out his lifestyle. Companies can create lookbooks that tell a story with different photos and shots and that story is what the customers will resonate with. It’s all about the aesthetic and the lifestyle and the image that they present not just for the parents, but for their kids as well.

Some common aesthetics are

The Mini Mioche aesthetic: The Mini Mioche aesthetic is simple, cool, and comfortable. This translates to minimalist cotton hoodies in neutral colors, little grandpa-style cardigans made of a cotton jersey, sweet rompers, and subtle but playful printed tops and pants. The colors range from the classics like heather gray and navy to peach and periwinkle blue.

The mommy and Me matching pairs: This aesthetic entails making little matching pieces of adult clothing so a parent can match with their kids. It’s great for photo shoots and family pictures, Christmas cards, Sunday service etc


Minimalist: This involves having a minimalist aesthetic for kids. This one is not quite common is with kids they love the color and have lots of options but parents can adapt somehow and make it work.


Urban Lifestyle: This kind of style involves lots of denim, sneakers, and cool t-shirts with cool graphics. This is common among families who already live in an urban environment like New York or Barcelona.


Beige and Earth Tones: This is becoming more and more popular and it is most popular in the midwest area states and states like Colorado or Portland.